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Free Photoshop Tutorials for ALL versions



We have a large selection of free video tutorials for Photoshop to help you with each step of the procedures to add your images to any of EZbackgrounds' digital backgrounds. We also have some tutorials on the basic tools of Photoshop and some tips and tricks as well. Although your version of Photoshop may look different in appearance, the basic tools and functions are the same whichever version you are using from Elements all the way to CS5. If you have any questions about the procedures shown in the the tutorials or otherwise, feel free to contac us anytime at


Introduction and Free Videos
      Working With Magazine Templates
      Working With Brushes
      Working With Digital Frames
      Working With Drape Templates
      Login and Download Procedures


Digital Background Procedures
      001 Solid Color Background Removal
      002 Cluttered Background Removal
      003 Selections and Copying
      004 Pasting Subjects on to Backgrounds
      005 Changing the Size of a Background
      006 Removing Old Background
      007 Blending Subject and Background
      008 Adding Drop Shadows
      009 Adding Cast Shadows Part 1
      009 Copy of Adding Cast Shadows Part 2


      Gradient Tool
      Text Tool
      Lasso Tool
      Marquee Tool
      Eraser Tool
      Dodge, Burn, and Sponge Tools
      Pencil and Brush Tools
      Clone Stamp Tool


Tips, Tricks, and Projects