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EZFAQ-Frequently asked questions for EZbackgrounds


What image editing program do I need to use digital backgrounds?

EZbackgrounds™ digital backgrounds can be used with most mid-level image editing programs. Compatible versions include all versions of Adobe Photoshop™, Photoshop Elements™ and all versions of Corel Paintshop Pro™. You can also use the free program GIMP™.

For a more detailed explanation of which program is best for your needs, view our article on the subject.

What image editing program do I need to use frame templates?

EZbackgrounds™ frame templates are optimized to personalize text and effects within all versions of Adobe Photoshop™ and Photoshop Elements™

In addition, we have a package optimized for all versions of Corel Paint Shop Pro.

Which Package is best for me?

There are basically three different packages:

1. Subscription only- best for hobbyists or people who do not wish to use the entire library of images; but desire several different backgrounds.

2. Discs only- best for professionals that don't want to take the several hours it would take to download all of the backgrounds.

3. Discs and Subscription- best for people who wish to have hard-copy backups of all the backgrounds available on the website, and would like continued access to all of the new backgrounds we create in the coming year.

We are a full-service web site. Our goal is the fastest delivery of professional quality digital backgrounds and customer service available anywhere. Our quantity, quality, and variety of our content is second to none.

If you have looked elsewhere for digital backgrounds, you know this offer is an incredible value.

What are digital backgrounds?
Digital backgrounds are image files on CD in .tif format (disc only) or first-generation .jpg (internet downloads). They are a digital version of the muslin backdrops used in portrait photography and product advertising. The backdrops are various patterns, designs, and scenic images which provide mood, context, depth to your subject.

How do they work?
These would be used instead of an actual muslin backdrop that can cost hundreds of dollars. There is no software to install. The backdrops are used with your image editing program like Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, GIMP and others. To best way to explain the process would be to refer you to our free video tutorials at Click here.

Do I need a green or blue screen for these to work?
No, your image editing program can key in on any solid color including your own walls at home. And this is just to make it easier. You can extract a subject from any photo. However, for professionals, we do recommend a chromakey screen for better workflow. Check out our article here for a more in depth explanation of whether or not a chroma key green screen is right for you.

Can I pay any other way than a credit card?
Yes, we do accept money orders, but access to the site is not granted until payment is received. Contact us here for mailing address.

Do you accept international orders?
Yes, we accept international orders from anywhere in the world. We only have technical support in English language. If you wish to purchase the dvd for international mailing click here.

What is dpi and what does it mean?
DPI or PPI refers to Dots (Pixels) Per Inch. This is how many pixels are in one inch of a given image. The higher the number, the closer to photo quality the image. 300 dpi is the standard for photo quality images.

What does royalty-free mean?
Nearly all images are copyrighted. The contents of are no exception. For instance, you couldn't copy these images and sell them or share them with anyone else. Because they are royalty-free, this means you can use them as part of an overall project for private or commercial use without purchasing further rights. In other words, if you create a portrait using the backgrounds, you can sell that portrait or use it any other commercial endeavor as long as you are not selling the backdrop itself either in part or whole. You can view our User Agreement

Will I lose my royalty-free usage rights when my supscription is over?
No, your subscription entitles you to lifetime royalty-free usage.

I heard jpg files were inferior to tif files?
Our images are all first-generation files which means they have not been compressed, then recompressed which is the process that degrades a jpg file. We do recommend saving images as .tif or .psd format after dowload for better storage access. If you prefer to work exclusively with .tif files, we have a disc
Hard-Copy Package with our full library of backgrounds.

Do you automatically renew my subscription?
Our subscription will automatically renew at the end of your subscription period. However, you can cancel auto-renewal at any time and your subscription access will not be affected. Near the end of your subscription period, you will be emailed a reminder with no obligation.

Do you share my information with anyone?
No information given on this web site will ever be shared with any other person or persons at all.

I don't see my question here.
Contact us anytime. During weekdays, we respond within 24 hours.