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Digital Photography Articles Table of Contents

EZbackgrounds Photography Articles

59 Photoshop pro tips and secret tricks.

59 Fantastic Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Even a veteran Photoshop artist should learn some things from this unique exploration of the program's useful shortcuts and secret trickery.

Which image editing program is best for use with digital backgrounds

Best Programs For Use With Digital Backgrounds

We compare the major image editing programs available on the market today from the $600 big daddy Photoshop to the free GIMP.

Which image editing program is best for use with digital backgrounds

Photoshop Tutorial: Emily Soto Inspired

Even if you don't know her name, you've seen her work. Learn the technique to one of the most influential fashion photographers in recent years.

Frequency separation in Photoshop for portrait retouching

The Best Portrait Retouching Technique Ever

Adjust color without affecting skin texture and vice versa. This is the exclusive method the pros use for magazines and print.

Getting the right white balance in camera or in Photoshop.

Perfect White Balance... Always

Whether it's in-camera with a gray card or in Photoshop, learn the secret to perfect white balance every time.

Understanding the light patterns of studio flash modifiers.

Speedlight Modifiers: Studio Control On the Go

You don't have to sacrifice control for mobility. Find out all the options available.

Understanding the light patterns of studio flash modifiers.

EZLighting Guide: Light Modifier Patterns

A visual guide to more easily understand the difference between all the options available in studio light modifiers.

Understanding the nature of light with the angle of incidence.

EZLighting Guide: Angle of Incidence

To truly master photography, you need to understand light. I mean really understand it. Here is the first step.

Understanding the nature of light with the law fo inverse proportionality.

EZLighting Guide: Light Distance and Color

Understand these key concepts of lighting and you will be ever closer to achieving mastery of light.

Create a sugar skull in Photoshop for Halloween or Day of the Dead.

Paint a Sugar Skull in Photoshop for Halloween

Try this fun technique in any image editing program, not just Photoshop. Paint a sugar skull on your face for Halloween.

Quick and Easy Halloween edits in Photoshop.

4 Quick and EZ Halloween Tricks

See how easy it is in world of Photoshop to become a vampire, a zombie, or even a demon.

Which image editing program is best for use with digital backgrounds

Posing Guide: Hands

We're starting at the hands and will continue until we get to the feet in our premiere edition of The EZbackgrounds Posing Guide. Check out all the great insights into the secrets of the pros.

EZbackgrounds posing guide to arms.

Posing Guide: Arms

The arm bone is connected to the hand bone, or something like that. However it goes, you can't pose hands without arms. Part two in our posing guide series.

EZbackgrounds guide to posing shoulders and torso.

Posing Shoulders & Torso

Shoulders and torso establish the base of good composition in portraits. Check out our continuing series on the posing techniques of portrait professionals.

EZbackgrounds guide to posing shoulders and torso.

Posing Feet and Legs

More people hate their feet than any other body part. In this leg of the posing guide series, we reveal the dos and don'ts of properly posing legs and feet for portraits.

EZbackgrounds guide to posing the head and eyes.

Posing the Head and Eyes

Eyes are the focal point of every portrait, so pose them well. Also, find out what head tilt can ruin the best of portraits.

EZbackgrounds guide to posing the head and eyes.

Slimming Techniques

None of us are perfect. But, we all want to be seen in the best possible light. Here are some techniques to slimming plus-sized subjects.

What you need to know before you shoot groups of people.

Group Photography Techniques

Preparation is the critical issue. Find out what you need to know.

Five thing you must know before your first newborn photo shoot.

5 Newborn Session Must-Knows

What you need to know before a newborn baby session.

Create contours with the Displace Filter.

Contour Shapes with Displace Filter

Apply a contoured surface to any image or pattern with the Displace Filter in Photoshop.

Image stacking for noise averaging in Photoshop.

Image Stacking in Photoshop

This noise you can see, and it's not pretty. Find out how to easily rid yourself of this nuisance in Photoshop without losing detail.

Photoshop with Smart Object.

Why You Need to Know Smart Objects

Better named smart layers; they are as useful as they are easy to learn. Once you realize their usefulness, you can't unlearn it.

Non-destructive editing in Photoshop with Adjustment Layers.

Non-Destructive Adjustment Layers

Adjustment layers in Photoshop are key elements to your non-destructive image editing workflow.

Blending modes in Photoshop

3 Must-Know Blend Modes in Photoshop

Out of thirty possible blending modes in Photoshop, you use these three more than all the others combined.

Beginners guide to Masks in Photoshop.

Photoshop Masks for Beginners

Never use the Eraser Tool again! Take a few minutes and learn the basics of this essential feature in Photoshop.

A map of the mask properties window in Photoshop.

Mask Properties Window

Understanding masks in one thing. Knowing your way around the Mask Properties Editing Window is another.

Beginners guide to Layers in Photoshop.

Photoshop Layers for Beginners

You can't use digital backgrounds and frame templates without knowing about layers.

Mastering curves in Photoshop.

Color Adjustment Layers

With so many options to color adjustment in Photoshop, it can be difficult to choose the right one for the right job. We walk you through it here.

Mastering curves in Photoshop.

Mastering Curves Adjustments

Wrap your mind around the most powerful tool in your Photoshop arsenal.

The fill adjustment layers in Photoshop.

Fill Adjustment Layers

Find out the ins and outs of the first set of choices available in the adjustment layers list.

The tonal adjustment layers in Photoshop.

Tone Adjustment Layers

The second set of adjustment layers are some of the most powerful tools available in Photoshop.

The color balance adjustment layers in Photoshop.

Color Balance Adjustment Layer

Is your image balance? Check out our article on the subject and learn how to spot an out of balance photo at a glance.

Beginners guide to Histogram in Photoshop.

Histograms: 255 Shades of Gray

Taking a few minutes to learn how to read a histogram will go a long way toward easing your workflow and improving your images overall.

3 EZ Methods to Tint Portraits in Photoshop

3 EZ Tips to Tint Portraits

See how easy it really is to create this essential portrait technique.

Add light rays through the trees using Photoshop.

Add Beams of Light Through the Trees.

Add a little punch to your forest pictures by adding rays of light shining through the trees. Very quick, very EZ.

Create a realistic wateer reflection in Photoshop.

Create a realistic water reflection.

One of the many uses of the Displace Filter is creating realistic water reflections.

Which image editing program is best for use with digital backgrounds

Non-Photographic Photography Tips

Five principles of life that can help you become the photographer you've always wanted to be.

EZbackgrounds studio lighting buyer's guide.

EZBuyer's Guide: Studio Lighting Kits

If you are in the market for photo studio lighting, this is the article for you.

Our three recommendations for photo printers

Top 3 Printers for Photographers

In the spirit of time and money savings that is EZbackgrounds' specialty, we offer up three recommendations for photo printers.

Do you really need a chroma key green screen for digital photo backgrounds?

Do You Need a Green Screen?

You can extract any subject from any background using Photoshop and other image editing programs. A chroma key backdrop definitely makes workflow much easier. Find out here if you really need one.

How to make psd file thumbnails viewable as an image

Make PSD Thumbnails Visible

Windows users have known this frustration since the first Photoshop was released. Soon Apple owners will know the same frustration. Why can't Photoshop simply make their PSD thumbnails visible?

Why is the green screen green?

Why is a "Green Screen" Green?

Of all the colors of the spectrum, why is the standard chroma key backdrop the same color as Kermit the Frog? Why not yellow or red? Find out the answer to this burning question.

How to customize your own Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Customize Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

It's easier to learn the keyboard shortcuts you make yourself. Find out how to save time on your workflow in under thirty seconds.

Create a detailed record of your history of images in Photoshop

Create a Detailed History Log in Photoshop

It takes only seconds to enable this function in Photoshop that can save you hours and hours on workflow.

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